May 24, 2008

Paul Graham on why I haven't been posting lately

Paul Graham wrote a very interesting essay on why I haven't posted in almost a month.

I'm beginning to realize that one of the reasons I started this blog in March was because I knew I was supposed to start putting some serious effort into my BSc project but I didn't really feel like doing it at that moment. I couldn't sit and do nothing either, so the procrastinating, alibi concocting, self indulging part of my mind came up with the perfect distraction: a blog.

However, when things got tight, the part of me in charge of self-awareness, acting responsibly and (not least of all) panicking finally came to its senses. Hence the low(no) post rate.

What about this post, then? Well, even Paul Graham takes his time to write an essay every once in a while, doesn't he?