May 28, 2009

Not sure? Bing it!

Today, at the D7 conference in the US, CEO Steve Ballmer announced Bing, Microsoft's new search engine, in a bid to change the way we search online. Bing was designed to be a decision engine, and a step forward from information search towards knowledge search. will go live next week, in a market ~60% owned by Google. It's like David versus Goliath all over again, except David has a rumoured $80 million marketing budget and Goliath is the beloved of the people. Of the utmost symbolic significance, of course, bing rhymes with sling.

The world of online search has definitely become a lot more exciting this spring, with the recent launch of Wolfram|Alpha and the announcing of Bing. I'm anxious to see how this will ripple across the world wide web and how long it will take Google to react. Right now the ball is in Microsoft's court.

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Emmanuel2.0 said...

One day humanity will stop searching !