November 05, 2009

What do you use Google Street View for?

My friends and I were planning a trip to New York. We were looking to rent an apartment for the week and one of our criteria was for it to have parking nearby. So while I went ahead and started emailing apartment owners asking them whether there was parking available, my friend looked up the addresses in Google Maps, switched to Street View and read the parking signs. Smart girl.

I'm curious, do you use Google Street View often and if yes, how or what for?

November 03, 2009

Make "Reply to all" default in GMail

A friend got tired of me ranting about how it vexes me that the 'Reply to all' action is poorly accessible (a whole 2 clicks away!) in GMail. She advised me to look in GMail -> Settings -> Labs and enable the Default 'Reply to all' feature. That helps, but only at the expense of the 'Reply' action.

I looked for the Forward email from 'Inbox' view feature but couldn't find it.

Oh well, can't have'em all.